X Haze Feminized

X Haze Feminized

White Label growth pattern

The first Haze strains were created in the USA by two brothers with the surname Haze. During the 1980s, Dutch growers, including our company founder Ben Dronkers, imported Haze strains and crossed them with genes from other, mainly indica-dominated strains. Our Hindu Kush, for example, played an important part in modern cannabis cultivation.

X Haze Feminized by White Label produces only female plants, which eliminates the need to weed out the male shoots at the start of the flowering period. As soon as these cannabis seeds germinate, they grow like the clappers.

Since these are tall-growing plants, the growing room must be correspondingly high. If that’s not possible, use a Screen of Green (SCROG). There’s a nice side effect: a SCROG further increases the already good yields. This cannabis strain is also suitable for other advanced techniques such as Supercropping and Lollipopping.

The genes comprise 60% sativa and 40% indica. It’s clear from looking at the growth structure and bud formation that the sativa genes are dominant. But the experts among you will know that the added density is down to the indica gene.

Watching this cannabis strain grow is a real joy – X Haze Feminized by White Label quickly gains in height and width until, towards the end of the flowering time, the top half of the plants and the main branches are covered with crystalline, elongated buds. It takes 65 to 80 days to reach this stage.

Note that this is an indoor strain. Growing outdoors should be considered only in a Mediterranean or tropical climate with long, warm summers. In the hands of experienced growers, these cannabis plants turn into true cannabis trees.

Effect, flavour and smell of X Haze Feminized by White Label

Quite honestly, Haze strains are loved primarily for their high THC content and euphoric and stimulating effect. The sudden banging high from X Haze fits this profile perfectly. While the senses are bewitched, the body remains fully functioning. Inexperienced users should take things slowly; too much THC is not a nice thing.

The full citrus flavour is down to the indica gene. It is very refreshing, and adds to the user experience. This weed tastes even better in a vaporizer – without any tobacco.

X Haze Feminized

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