Temperature & Humidity Monitor Alarm Clock

For comfort and well-being, the humidity level of the ambient air in the house must be between 40% and 50%. Some solutions come to modulate the hygrometry of its interior ...

What exactly is a hygrometer?
The hygrometer is the amount of water vapor in the air.
Above 50%, the air is too humid, the air charged with water vapor condenses on cold surfaces (window frame wallpaper), creating an environment conducive to the proliferation of molds and mites, without forgetting the formaldehyde which diffuses more quickly in a humid air. A dehumidifier is necessary.
Below 40%, air attacks the nasal mucous membranes and irritates the respiratory tract. Lack of ventilation, heating and air conditioning dry the air. Thus: it is common in winter, in homes too heated and unventilated, to see the humidity drop. A humidifier is needed.

So, knowing the temperature and humidity in the house is very important for your health.

- The temperature range: -50 degrees celcius - + 70 degrees celcius (-58 ° F - + 158 ° F)
- Accuracy: ± 1 degrees celcius, ± 5% RH
- Humidity level: 10% - 99% RH
- Power supply: 1 AAA battery (1.5V) (battery is not included)
- Dimension: 106 x 98 x 22mm

Package included:
1 x HTC-2 Hygrometer Thermometer

Do not place the hygrometer near a radiator, hot air diffuser, fireplace, or any other place where the results could be false by the effect of direct heat.
It must be remembered that a hygrometer does not give immediate results. It may take up to two hours to produce a stable reading in a new environment or to adjust to a sudden change in relative humidity.

What's in the box
1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor With LCD Screen Alarm Clock

Temperature & Humidity Monitor Alarm Clock