Fulvic Acid Powder 1L/5L

Soluble Fulvic Acid Powder (80%)

Fulvic Acid is a powerful, multi purpose natural input for agriculture. Recommended for use as a natural chelator, plant growth promoter and microbial stimulant.


Fulvic Acid 800 g/kg
Moisture max 15%
Solubility 100%
Appearance Fine Brown to Golden powder


  • Soil application: 2-5 kg per ha
  • As part of fertiliser blend: 1-2% of blend

DIY 8% Fulvic Acid Liquid

  • Mix 12 kg Fulvic Powder with 100 L water.
  • Add to water slowly and agitate to prevent lump formation.

Storage and handling:

  • Keep dry
  • May stain foliage and fruit, avoid application close to harvest.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.

Fulvic Acid Powder 1L/5L