Environoc 501 - 1L

Beneficial Microorganisms that provide enhanced degradation of many polymers such as cellulose, chitin & related, lignin & related, increased efficiency for composting and vegetation degradation applications

Over 25 Strains of Fresh, Viable, and Natural  Microbes selected for their capabilities to provide Enhanced Composting, Enhanced  Agricultural Field Stubble Digestion , Grass Thatch reduction, and other vegetation degradation. High count microbial inoculant with efficacy across a number of environmental applications

Capabilities: Cellulose and related polymer degradation, Chitin and related polymer degradation, Degradation of lignin and many of its breakdown products

Applications: Home and commercial Composting operations, Reduction of wastewater solids & sludge in many insoluble polymer-rich manufacturing operations, Landfill green waste reduction operations,  Agricultural field stubble reduction of many crops,  Home lawn biological de-thatching of grass

Environoc 501 - 1L