EHG Grow-1L

EHG is South Africa’s first multi-part liquid hydroponic nutrient and they remain the industry leader.

Equal parts of MICRO, GROW and BLOOM are used at increasing strengths in the first stages of vegetative growth.

This ensures a balanced spread of essential nutrients.

While phosphorus is mainly required for flowering, it is important in the early stages for root development.

EHG MICRO, GROW, BLOOM and RIPENER are made from the purest mineral salts so they are rapidly absorbed by your plants. Multi-part liquid hydroponic fertilizer formulations like EHG have become the preferred choice worldwide.
They are extremely easy to use, easy to measure and mix instantly.

EHG is the perfect choice for aeroponic, bubbleponic, nutrient film, flood and drain and top fed hydro systems. It is also excellent for soil which is recommended for inexperienced growers.

By following the simple nutrient guide, the perfect nutrient ratios are provided for every stage of your plant’s growth.

EHG nutrients are completely non-toxic and safe to use.

EHG Grow-1L