EHG - Coco Micro - 1L

EHG Coco Micro provides all the required micro-elements, in a chelated form. Part of the Easy Hydro Grow range.

The EHG 3 part series (Grow, Micro & Bloom) provides the perfect nutrient combination for every stage of your plants’ development by following the simple grow chart set out on the detailed instructions in the EHG nutrient guide.

Designed to work in Coco Peat. The Coco Micro has increased calcium and magnesium and lower potassium to compensate for the fact that coco is organic and not inert. Coco absorbs calcium and magnesium and releases potassium which can lead to problems.  If using borehole water, one should stick to ordinary micro because borehole water is high in calcium and magnesium.


Nitrogen N 50.7g/kg

Magnesium Mg 4.2g/kg

Calcium Ca 58g/kg

Zinc Zn 77mg/kg

Copper Cu 12mg/kg

Molybdenum Mo 9,9mg/kg

Iron Fe 1045mg/kg

Boron B 242mg/kg

Manganese Mn 220mg/kg

Please note: needs to be used in conjunction with Grow and Bloom to provide all the nutrients your plants require.

EHG - Coco Micro - 1L