Dynaroot Rooting Hormone Powder - No 2

The Dynaroot rooting hormone powder is a growth regulating hormone powder, used to stimulate fast & prolific rooting of plant cuttings. Once the powder is applied auxins are absorbed, resulting in the stimulation of root formation.

Dynaroot No 2 is used for semi-hardwood cuttings. Its active ingredient is 4-Indole-3lbutyric Acid (IBA) (4 [Indol – 3 yl] Butyric Acid – [IBA])

Dynaroot is available in 3 concentrations; Dynaroot No 1 for Softwood cuttings, Dynaroot No 2 for Semi-hardwood cuttings, Dynaroot No 3 for Hardwood cuttings.

Dynaroot is locally manufactured, making it a proudly South African product.

Dynaroot Rooting Hormone Powder - No 2