CBD Pets - 10mg Dog Biscuits

The Alpha Dog Biscuit will leave your hound feeling chilled, relaxed and living their best life.

Made with only 8 ingredients and in an amazing peanut butter flavour for your furry friend. This unique formulation has proven itself to help with:

- Reducing Anxiousness

- Improving Sleep

- Joint Support

- Reduce pain and discomfort

- Improve skin and coat conditions

Treat your furry friend to some relaxing biscuits

* For large to extra large dogs.

CBD Pets - 10mg Dog Biscuits

  • 20 Dog Biscuits 10mg per Biscuit

    185g Bag

    200mg CBD in Total

    Ingredients: Whole wheat flower, peanut butter, coconut oil, egg, ground oats, cinnamon, egg, grape seed extract, CBD