Auto Kabul (3 & 6 Packs)



Flowering:56 Days


Harvest:400-600 g/m2

Height:90 cm


Auto Kabul is an outstanding Afghani Indica. It did not suffer much selection process: this top quality Afghani population, originating from Southern Afghanistan, was stabilized in 2002. Basically, a classic heavy-stoning weed with medical properties and pain-killing abilities, convenient for hasheesh production. Also stealth growing is easy with these compact girls if you manage their pungent smell. A pleasant surprise to valuers is its violet color, not even closely common for Afghani Indicas. How come Auto Kabul is violet? Divine Seeds crew prefers to keep this trick a secret 

Plants do not exceed 0.9 m height. Due to its hot weather origin, Auto Kabul is resistant to heat. Requires little skill or effort. No troubles with fungi, molds or temperature either. All in all, it might be the one of the heaviest Indica strains that a novice grower can handle. Fit for indoor and outdoor growing, green houses, balconies, hydroponic and aeroponic growing. When blooming, plants may need to be tied up to some support. Also massive colas need good ventilation. Average yield reaches 400-600 g/m2. During the last 2 weeks of blooming plants should be exposed to lower air temperature for purple and violet shades. Ready for outdoor harvesting in August.

Auto Kabul is a heavy stoner that easily brings users to a couchlock, depending on the amount consumed. In medicine, this strain is sometimes applied against muscle hypertension and also to eliminate the cause of glaucoma. Auto Kabul lowers blood pressure, helps against appetite disorders and insomnia. Dried buds smell hashy, with slight hints of sandal and cedar. The effects do not wear out for solid 2.5 hours.

Auto Kabul (3 & 6 Packs)

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